Keti B. Hristova

KBH Traffic Engineering, LLC was founded by Keti Hristova, P.E., PTOE in 2012. Ms. Hristova has over 20 years of professional civil engineering experience in traffic and transportation field that includes 19 years for the City of Houston, Public Works & Engineering Department (PW&E), Traffic Operations Division (TOD) and Engineering & Construction Division (ECD).

Keti’s expertise include:
• Traffic Signal Design and Operations
• Traffic Engineering Studies
• Construction Management
• Project Management and Contract Administration

Licenses and Precertifications

KBH Traffic Engineering, LLC, Firm #14592
Keti B. Hristova – P.E. #90998
Gerard de Camp – P.E. #64140
Keti B. Hristova – Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) #1591
Gerard de Camp – Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) #1598
7.1.1 – Traffic Engineering Studies
7.3.1 – Traffic Signal Timing
7.4.1 – Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation
7.5.1 – Intelligent Transportation Systems
8.1.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
8.3.1 – Signalization
8.4.1 – ITS Control Systems analysis, Design & Implementation
City of Houston TUCP – DBE
City of Houston – WBE
Texas – HUB
METRO of Harris County – SBE

Gerard de Camp

KBH’s Director of Traffic Signal Operations is Gerry de Camp. P.E., PTOE who has over 35 years of professional engineering experience of traffic signal operations.
Gerry’s professional accomplishments include being the principal developer of so called “Dallas” Protected Permissive left turn signal display. Gerry retains his seat on the Signals Technical Committee (STC) of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD). 2008 Texas District of Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) awarded Gerry de Camp as Texas Transportation Engineer of the Year. For more details visit: